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Kama Salsa Dance Class!
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Beginner Salsa Dancing Tips

Salsa dancing is like a language that improves over time. The benefits are endless from staying fit, meeting people to gaining confidence. Here are some quick salsa dancing tips to your roadmap of dancing and having more fun on the dance floor:

1. Do your research.

Know what you want out of your salsa dancing. Look for a level one class offering. Do this by searching online, going out to a salsa club or event and listening to the music. Salsa on the Square is an ideal place to start since it offers dance varieties and attracts so many new people.

2. Take a level one or foundation class.

The basic foundation of salsa is the most important. This is where you build your timing and footwork skills. Never stop learning the basics.

3. Listen to the music everyday.

Salsa dancing starts with the music. Get to know the rhythm and fall in love with it. Go out and hear a live salsa band or find salsa music on Amazon, ITunes or Spotify. You can check out my salsa list here! Even listen in your car on the way or from work. You’ll be able to understand the beats with the footwork.

4. Find the right dance shoes.

Starting with the proper dance shoe will build confidence early. A dance shoe is constructed to be lightweight, flexible and secure so dancers can move easily on the dance floor or the concrete of Fountain Square. Women should wear no more than a 2.5” heel. Men can choose from a dance sneaker to a classic shoe. You can find a variety of choices at Amazon.com. Better yet, check out the article 5 dance shoe tip and look for the dance shoes.

5. Practice.

You can’t learn without practicing. Practice with a more experienced partner or go out and meet as many people that fit your style and salsa goals. Don’t try to do too much or go through advanced moves to quickly. It’s about consistency of the basics that builds the right foundation of dancing. And, dancing until you sweat is so much fun.

6. Go out and dance!

Salsa dancing is social. Here’s your chance to put it all together. Go to as many Salsa on the Square Thursdays as you can.

7. Smile!

A smile goes a long way on the dance floor. This is what people are looking for: Someone who likes to have fun and are happy. It shows confidence too. And (don’t forget about a mint or a piece of gum).

8. Dance with someone who can make you feel good.

What does that mean? If you are a beginner, do not dance with someone who executes multiple spins or advanced moves. That is not dancing. Try to watch for leads/follows who are connecting with their partner. If you are just starting it’s ok to tell the partner that you are just starting and having fun!!

9. Hold your posture.

I know, I know it’s what dance teacher’s always preach. However, dancing with someone who doesn’t hold their frame isn’t sexy. Practice holding yourself up so there is good connection and you have better balance. You’ll look better too!

10. Have a great time and never, never give up! Salsa dancing takes time so enjoy the journey.

Diana brings her years of experience to students of all ages. She is known for her casual, fun and informative teaching style. Her focus has been on inviting people into the community as the “foundation” teacher. You can check out her website at www.kamasalsa.com.

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