• Diana’s Beginner Salsa Tips

    Beginner Salsa Dancing Tips Salsa dancing is like a language that improves over time. The benefits are endless from staying fit, meeting people to gaining confidence. Here are some quick salsa dancing tips to your roadmap of dancing and having more fun on the dance floor: 1. Do your research. Know what you want out […]

  • What is Salsa Rueda De Casino?

    What is Salsa Rueda De Casino? When you are at Cincinnati’s Salsa on the Square and you see more than two people all dancing salsa together, they are probably dancing “Salsa Rueda” or what is officially known as “Salsa Rueda de Casino.” Salsa rueda is like American square dancing, but for salsa and in a circle not a […]

  • 5 tips for choosing the right dancing shoe!

    Instructor Diana Hoffman offers 5 tips for choosing the right dancing shoe as well as some shoe recommendations for women and men to keep you comfortable, safe and stylish at Salsa on the Square!